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The Eiffel Tower has been an icon in my  consciousness and my imagination ever since my first trip to Paris when I was still in my teens. I have photographed it appearing subtly, looming at the end of a picturesque Paris street. I have photographed its nighttime lightshows that overflow the midnight sky like golden bubbles of a fine champagne. I have thought about the Eiffel Tower as a metaphor for steely industrialism...and as a case study in the far more flexible rhythms of eastern arts, emerging as it did at the historical moment when France was enthralled  not only with industrialisme, but with Japonisme as well.

I have been in love in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower out my window....I have dined in its three-star restaurant....I have used the Eiffel Tower as a compass to find my bearings when lost...But never, until one recent evening, had I been to its top. My piece, "Eiffel," is made from a montage of photographs taken on that breathtaking spring evening when I first ascended to its summit, and then photographed it looking up from down below, bathed in the unique dusk of the City of Light.

This is a signed, digital archival photograph, sublimated to aluminum, measuring 24" x 18".

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